The window cities
from the manes
of great lions

watch the planets drop

to pools expanding
endless edges

in the rich texture
of blue leaves

the muddy floods the moon
drowning mars

suspend this moment
in a paint splatter
or stutter

To speak so plainly as to look at you so plainly
like storm clouds tickling wild grass
wetting my chapped lips with my own seawater
I fell into an eternal sickness
the chest cold that lasts for all time
accompanied by earthquake headaches & heartsickness
plain words were lost in the croak of a broken voice
I want to speak so truly in the space where I fall
but sound is sucked away & we are far
very far I think

it is beyond rest but a state of plasticity
that always returns with lights & buzzes
& you hold me down but some part escapes
my very beating heart
which I was told recently by a dr
“ba-dum-dum ba-dum-dum”
instead of
“dum-dum dum-dum”
falls deep into the pit
of this earth to be at home in fire
while my mind drifts away balloon like
to the cosmos which I never really cared for
until last year

But to remember physicality
& the presence of moment
& how I’ve never really been in a moment
nor am I sure how to do so
& it makes me feel like a failed Buddhist
I look at my dog who has never left the moment he’s in
(at the moment of course)
& I wish I knew the feeling a little better
To speak so plainly is to tell you it doesn’t matter so much
wherever moments go when they part
I love you
to speak so plainly, to see you so plainly
I love you
I love you