Francisco of Matrimony

Something happened of the day;
She wept:
I sang her lullabies and “sweet goodbyes.”
She said:
Pour la bonne bouche—you’ve gone
At such a trying time,
She’s got:
Rigel on film,
A funeral procession,
Dedication to sin;
Reaching still; an offer
Rescinded: an offer
pour la fin, while
Goya could have sold “Aquellare
For a single escudo; living
In la Quinta del Sordo… fin

Marianne God

But we are seamen; with wasted eyes
Of salt and brine; O!, by
Which yonder quake shall we end this?

The Bottom of Our Sea

Charlatans! charlatans none,
When of forty
Twenty visions saw it spun.
Count the beheading
As having ended masquerade.
The white flakes mellowed red
As he crowded, through the glade.