A Night in April

the lake has shrunk under the watch of cricket song
looming past the treeline they chirp and merry
lullabies floating through the shadows
rain lurks in the recent past
puddles linger splashing shoes
rubber heels but the sock feels soggy
splattering the leggings

hoop unused rests with pines
gate open, garage door rumbles
wet shoes taken off before the doors
one glass one solid
one pair remain on the feet
tracking the downpour through
a well kept home
boxes newspapers mail scatter on the table
a wife lonely throat and body sore
alert on the couch

its dark in the basement
some lamps dimmed glow
ambience for the screens
eyes fixed or wandering
Kubrick dances between the background
and center stage and music fills
the vast emptiness of space

a few scribbles forgotten beyond
these howling beasts and then
the moon looms closer
and you already know how the story goes
until the infinite is out of sight

the road back lined with trees and
houses all neat and tidy
and the wet grass
misplaced longing too
unspoken unsure of itself
dispelled as tired steps slow
in front of the door
new but glass and wood

the house is dark except
for the light left on near the couch
flicked off and
she makes her way to her bed
time seeps away through the open window
bird song replaces far gone crickets
the world awakes
and she sleeps