magnolia, faded

Fiery antebellums sprout in crags of swampmoss brickmud coated gator-

     skin a creole drinking Southern Comfort in Manchester.

     Deep skinned & bony fingers femme

whisper to planes they bring down with blood drops on dirt

Kitchen mice meet mange cats in the alleys outside

La Maison De La Compte



Sacred rot

Of Saturday!

Lay our heads still in sticky February night. Praise the crescent.

des dieux étranges laughing with glazed eyeballs

over bridges stretching miles

Where are you tonight as I am harassed in

sleep by spirits?

How do you lay,

as I, here,

expanding fingertips

in & out?

Too drunk to dance at a honky tonk

in the industrial town

a little wobble in the knees

skeletons gripping limp corpses in two-step

Welcome home.

From Friday,

into Saturday

they danced in sways

as I was bar stool bound

waiting for the turnover

from metallic to smoke


Sun tinted holed shoes in Garden District interrupted

     light of golds & greens a hazy heat hitting the bitter sweat of forehead wavers &

     ivy in the quarter where stones gather over cement shuttles to heaven in ashes & jewels

     with docked boats and red freights rolling through the algae skinned gray below peepholes

In rebuilt wood with rusted fish bites and water rustles Saturday descended upon the pier

Transmission blew

outside of Memphis

Too bad the Mississippi flows the

Other way